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Going Back to Nature – Why a Trip Outdoor Should Be in Your Itinerary

Maybe you can still recall your longing for the big city life when you were living in a small town. Or maybe you grew...
anger management angry

7 Ways to Deal With Anger Effectively

Everybody gets angry at one time or another due to various reasons. Give it power, however, and things can instantly get messy and even...

You Are Not Alone – the Impact of Loneliness on Your Mental and Physical...

There is little doubt that socializing is an innate human trait that has enabled us to survive and thrive until this very day. It...
productive morning routine

7 Ways to Make Your Day More Productive

Everyone can benefit from more productivity every now and then, whether professionally or in one's private life. Being more productive usually involves developing habits...
personal hygiene

The Importance of Good Personal Hygiene

You probably do not place much importance on your everyday hygienic practices, instead preferring to brush it off as something not too important.But do...
sleeping pills

5 Reasons to Avoid Using Sleeping Pills Unless Necessary

It's midnight, and you're gazing at the ceiling, thinking about work, your bills, or other commitments. You just can't seem to quiet your thoughts...
low impact cardiovascular conditioning exercises

Low Joint-Impact Exercises for Cardiovascular Conditioning

The heart is responsible for circulating blood throughout one's body, and keeping it healthy should be a top priority for anyone who wants to...
online offline interactions pros cons

Online vs Offline Interactions : Pros and Cons

The way we communicate have changed over the years, from face-to-face interactions, phone calls, emails, and nowadays video conferencing.Here are some advantages and disadvantages...
things learnt too late in life

10 Things People Learn Too Late in Life

Have you heard of something called life?So have we.Life is hard to characterize, for it very well may be what you take it to...
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