Friday, March 1, 2024

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organized vs unorganized clutter

Cluttered vs Organized Desk: Which Is Better and Why Does It Matter?

A cluttered desk vs. an organized desk. Which one is better? This is an age-old question that still doesn't have a clear answer. Most people, you see, have the habit of 'collecting' things (and we are...
success consistency importance

Consistency and How It Affects Your Success

Have you ever heard of the saying "consistency is the key to success"? This is actually quite true, and few successful people can, honestly, say that it didn't play a role in their achievements...
learn new language benefits

6 Benefits of Learning a New Language

Happy New Year, dear Sleepy reader! So you may be considering what is a worthwhile goal to pursue in 2022. Might we interest you in considering learning a new language as one? And we don't...
dry or wet fasting

Dry vs. Water Fasting – Which One Is Right for You?

It's almost that time of the year when people start making new year's resolutions, only for the majority to go up in smoke shortly thereafter. Perhaps it's better to call it new month's resolutions...

How You Can Benefit from Having a Positive Mindset

You're probably tired of reading another positivity article since you've likely encountered them frequently. So why are we still regurgitating positivity? It is simply because the power of positivity cannot be over exaggerated. You see, people...
productive morning routine

7 Ways to Make Your Day More Productive

Everyone can benefit from more productivity every now and then, whether professionally or in one's private life. Being more productive usually involves developing habits that will improve one's efficiency and effectiveness that, when consistently...
low impact cardiovascular conditioning exercises

Low Joint-Impact Exercises for Cardiovascular Conditioning

The heart is responsible for circulating blood throughout one's body, and keeping it healthy should be a top priority for anyone who wants to enjoy a fulfilling life. The good news is that you...
online offline interactions pros cons

Online vs Offline Interactions : Pros and Cons

The way we communicate have changed over the years, from face-to-face interactions, phone calls, emails, and nowadays video conferencing. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of each type i.e. online/offline. Online Interactions It is no surprise that...
things learnt too late in life

10 Things People Learn Too Late in Life

Have you heard of something called life? So have we. Life is hard to characterize, for it very well may be what you take it to be. You didn't come with an instructions manual when you were...
procrastination pros cons

4 Pros and 3 Cons of Procrastination

Many people have a tendency to look down on those who procrastinate, and for good reasons. It is as if the cons of procrastination undeniably outweigh the pros. Now wait a minute, you said. Procrastination can...