7 Benefits of Going on a Social Media Detox

social media detox

Do you find yourself constantly scrolling through social media posts? Are you overwhelmed by the number of social media apps you have on your device?

Rest assured, you are not alone.

Despite the many benefits of using these platforms, there inevitably will come a time when things become overbearing.

While most of us have heard of going on a detox diet, few have considered doing the same when it comes to social media.

There are various reasons why you would want to take a break from using social media apps, such as the fact that you can get more done without the distractions.

It could also be that you start to notice yourself wasting too much time on these platforms. Or perhaps you just want to be alone and forget about what is happening on the internet. 

Whatever your rationale, here are seven reasons why going on a social media detox can be good for you.

1. It Brings About Relief

Do you know that social media can unintentionally draw out your competitive side?

The reason is simple: most if not all of your contacts will post only the best stuff on their pages, and these can easily cause you to become jealous.

Seeing the number of likes and/or comments that a post gets only serves to fuel this jealousy.

Knowing that your friends are living in posh houses while you are struggling to make ends meet is a good example.

Social media can give you so many reasons to feel inadequate about yourself.

This is why some people stay away from social media because they want to avoid the superficiality.

2. You Can Be More Present

The addiction of posting every meal, road trip, intimate moment, or other events on social media is a real thing.

Some people even post on their social media feed every day.

Although this is one way to document your life, it could also be that one thing that separates you from the present moment.

When you live through social media’s lens, your memories and experiences become less memorable.

One way to counter this is to be more present in the moment, not caring whether you should update your social media followers.

You will realize how special those moments are.

3. It Frees You From ‘Noise’

You may have heard how social media is ‘toxic’ because people have unrealistic expectations.

These could be living standards, beauty, or even the expected societal norm.

People are quick to judge those who look or behave differently even though they have little to no understanding of the circumstances.

In fact, many people have caused harm to themselves simply because someone reacted negatively to what they posted online.

This is why you should not let your emotions take over whenever someone reacts positively or negatively to something you post.

Instead, just ask yourself if it makes sense to give any weight to what others said, especially if it’s something outside your control.

Try also to avoid the tendency of hitting back on others because this can create a vicious cycle that will sap both your time and energy.

4. It Reduces Negativity 

Some people use social media as an outlet for their real-life stress, heartbreaks, thoughts, or even frustrations.

While letting out your emotions is always a good way to make yourself feel better, keep in mind that not everyone wants to read the negativity that is being posted.

Try to deal with your dissatisfaction offline, rather than posting them on the Internet.

5. You Will Have Fewer Privacy Concerns

One thing that you need to take seriously is your digital footprint.

You should know by now that whatever you post on the Internet is never truly gone. This is doubly true when you post on social media platforms.

It always pay to be careful about what you post online.

6. You Can Be More Productive

We all can agree on how distracting social media is.

Once you start scrolling, you cannot stop. Social media also causes you to procrastinate.

You might as well be doing something beneficial instead of scrolling endlessly on Facebook.

Try putting your phone down, log off your social media, and you will notice your productivity improving.

7. You Can Sleep Better

How often do you find yourself scrolling on your smartphone before bedtime?

The urge to have one last check on your social media feed is strong indeed.

Try to limit your screen time before bedtime, or do not use your phone at least half an hour before you sleep. 

Know that there is little to no harm in disconnecting from the online world for a little while. If anything, doing so can decrease your exposure to blue light and help you sleep better as a result.

Effective Social Media Detox Checklist

Here are some ways to help make your social media detox more effective.

  • Tell your friends and family that you are on a social media detox and request their understanding and support. 
  • Plan out what you want to do to replace the time that you would have spent on social media. 
  • Delete the social media apps (and any other apps) that you rarely use from your device. 
  • Set a limit on the time that you allow yourself to spend on certain apps (if you device has this function).
  • Go out with your friends for a movie or jog. 
  • Chronicle your time away from social media in a diary and observe the differences.