Monday, October 2, 2023

"Let your dreams take you to places where reality cannot."

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small space beauty

The Cocoon of Warmth (A Personal Story)

Editor's note: This piece was written by one of our authors who has since left to pursue other ventures. There is an unfathomable kind of comfort for certain people when they are in small spaces....

Using Music to Influence Your Emotions

Music is one of human's greatest inventions that many tend to take for granted. Few things in life have as much impact on a person's emotions, ranging from excitement to laughter to sadness and...
coffee tea

5 Pros and 3 Cons of Drinking Coffee

Coffee and tea are two beverages that many people regularly drink, sometimes as many as a few cups each day. Some drink because of the energy boost from the caffeine, while others drink as...

The Obesity Crisis and How to Fix It

Obesity is one of modern society's most serious crises which, unfortunately, many people routinely ignore until it is too late. But what exactly is obesity? Obesity is a disease where a person carries an...
Joint health

4 Simple Exercises That Are Easy on Your Joints

Our joints are what hold our bones together, thus allowing us to move around with ease. It is what helps us bend, stretch, turn, and even shake our bodies. We know that our...