Are You Really as Intelligent as You Think You Are?

Are You Really as Intelligent as You Think You Are?

There are times when you might approach a situation and life and feel like you’re too smart for the problem. It might be an accurate assessment of the situation.

You might also discover that you’re really not as smart as you think you are.

There are several different forms of intelligence that you can find in humans. Some people are smart from a general perspective, displaying a wide range of knowledge and wisdom that they can share with others.

Some people have a high level of emotional intelligence. Being smart in this way helps them to understand what people need or want in a situation so that they can meet their needs effectively.

You could be situationally smart as well. This form of intelligence allows you to adapt to unknown variables in life without breaking a sweat.

If you have any of the following signs or behaviors in your interactions with others, then you might not be as intelligent as you think you are.

1. You Talk More Than You Listen

Smart people tend to listen to others instead of trying to interject their own opinion into the mix. That doesn’t mean you like the sound of your own voice, but it is a reflection of a need to prove that you have the right level of intelligence for that situation.

Smart people don’t need to prove themselves with words. They choose to act. While you’re talking about what is going on, they’ve already figured out the problem and probably have a solution in the works. If you work on consciously listening first, then you’ll have a better opportunity to embrace your intelligence.

2. You Fake It to Make It

Everyone has war stories that they like to tell about what happened to them in the past. If you find yourself lying to others so that they have a better impression of you, then you’re hiding your real personality.

Some smart people do this because they lack confidence in social situations. Lying serves as a defensive mechanism in case others don’t like them. Truth values intelligence, so try to show both sides of who you are instead of relying on only the good stuff.

3. You Get Involved in Every Argument

Smart people do their best to avoid conflict whenever possible. Their goal is to expend energy in useful ways instead of trying to convince other people that their approach is the best way to go. If you find yourself always stuck in the middle of a conflict, then that is an indication that you might not be as intelligent as you think you are. Try to use your wisdom to bring an end to an argument instead of getting involved in them instead.

4. You Bring People Down

Smart people work hard to encourage other people. They share what they know and then listen to others to ensure that their advice is relevant to the situation. You will hear them offering encouraging words in even the most challenging of environments. If your first instinct is to tear someone down so that you can feel better about yourself, then your intelligence levels are not as high as you think they are.

There are non-verbal ways that you can bring people down as well. If you purposely fail to acknowledge someone who seeks your advice, then you are communicating to them that their concerns are not worth your time.

5. You Get Offended by Dark Material

Smart people like to challenge themselves daily. They thrive on reading books or performing activities that spark the creative centers of their brain. Even if they’re watching football or reality television, you can see them having conversations with others or catching up on current events through their phone.

Dark humor is a staple of the intelligent. If you become offended by taboo jokes or topics that involve pain or suicide that attempt to be humorous, then that is an indicator that you’re closer to having average intelligence.

6. You Are Always Busy

Intelligent people look for ways to delegate work. They don’t try to be everything for everyone because they know that it is an impossible task. If you find that your days make you feel frantic or helpless, then you might not be as smart as your perceptions say that you are. This issue is one that’s relatively easy to fix, but it does require you to trust other people.

Smart people can be workaholics, but they also make it a point to rest when they can while spending time with what matters to them in life.

7. You Cheat on Your Partner

Infidelity is not a sign of intelligence. There are so many things that could go wrong in that situation, even if it fulfills you emotionally.

Forming exclusive relationships is a sign of higher intelligence. It is a reflection of your desire to fight the primal instincts that are hardwired into your physical existence.

What Others Think Is Not a Reflection of Intelligence

Being humble has its benefits.

There are a lot of adults out in the world today who were praised for their intelligence in their childhood. You might have earned top-tier grades and several academic achievements, but ego boosts and accolades are not a reflection of how smart you are.

If you can see yourself in any of the key points listed above, then it is time to make a change. Everyone can fall into the trap of a non-beneficial routine at some point in their life. Another sign of intelligence is that you can recognize that situation, and then develop a plan to pull yourself out of that rut.