The Importance of ‘Me’ Time and How to Get More of It

me time

There has been a lot of concern about the increase in depression among people of all ages due to isolation during the pandemic. What rarely gets mentioned, however, is the resulting peace and quiet that can be just as important.

Everybody deserves some ‘me’ time, even those who are in a relationship, have a full-time job, or with family responsibilities. Finding or spending time for yourself is not a selfish act. Rather, it can be quite beneficial to schedule some personal time whenever the opportunity arises.

Why You Should Have Your ‘Me’ Time

me time importance
Everyone needs some time alone even if it’s true that no man is an island.

1. Makes You More Aware of Your Thoughts

Have you ever asked yourself how well do you know yourself? It’s an unusual question for sure.

The average person has roughly 6000 thoughts per day, with most of them being silent, subconscious thoughts. There are times when a thought creeps up and takes you by surprise. For example, unexpectedly encountering old, familiar music can evoke memories from your past.

But do you know that you can consciously scan your mind for thoughts? It’s true, and it involves ‘me’ time coupled with mindful contemplation.

This is when you focus on nothing but your stream of thoughts at a particular moment. These can include things like getting a better view of your thoughts and feelings and why and how you react to situations in a certain way. These are things that you can only discover when you sit down and unwind. You will likely be amazed at the things that your brain processes every day.

And don’t forget to breathe while you’re at it.

2. You Are Important Too

Prioritizing yourself can be viewed by some as selfish behavior but is it?

The answer is yes, and no.

Yes, for those who always put themselves above others, and no, for those who have a tendency to care more about others than themselves. What’s important here is balance. Never be so busy caring for others to the extent of forgetting that you need some TLC time, too, especially if you are feeling burnt out.

4. Have a Better Work-Life Balance

It’s not unusual to read about people working 20-hour days for months or years on end just to achieve their goals. And we certainly admire these people as much as anyone else for their tenacity and determination in seeing things through.

Now ask yourself if living this way is suitable for you. Are you willing to sacrifice your social life, your family, and even your health for long periods of time to achieve your goals? Or are there better ways that you can utilize to get you there with lesser burnt out via, say, incorporating some ‘me’ time to your schedule?

We’d vote for the latter.

8. Give You Time to Do the Things that Matter to You

Giving yourself ‘me’ time also allows you to pursue interests that may not pay your bills but that you will still enjoy nonetheless. Maybe you have a pet project that you’ve been putting off due to various commitments. Your best bet to getting started is to set up your ‘me’ time. After all, life doesn’t need to only revolve around money.

‘Me’ Time Ideas

There’s no shame in loving yourself.

1. Absolutely Nothing

You do not necessarily have to get up and move about. Sometimes you can just sit down and do nothing but enjoy your own company. Having ‘me’ time is about spending time with yourself, making sure you feel better and happier. And doing nothing can just be the very thing to do!

2. Treat Yourself

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself when you have been drowning in chores all day long. Doing things like buying yourself something sweet or window shopping can go a long way towards lifting your mood. Keep in mind that treating yourself isn’t necessarily about how much you spend but about appreciating and rewarding yourself for being you.

3. Take a Nap

You don’t need us to tell you how important getting enough sleep is, so what better way than to spend your ‘me’ time resting? A 30-minute rest can help refresh your body and mind, priming you to take on whatever lies ahead.

4. Enjoy Your Own Company

There are lots of things you can do to occupy your time on your off days, such as going for a walk, baking, or organizing your room.

5. Read a Book

If you love reading, this is for you. There is just something innately satisfying about finishing a book, especially a physical one. There is also the added benefit of you becoming smarter as a result.

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