How to Make Yourself Smarter by Reading Books

smarter reading books

Reading is a universal behavior that spans the globe, and it is via books that we transfer and obtain information and knowledge. In other words, reading is a two-way street and is how we become smarter over time.

It doesn’t matter if you read a physical book, eBook, or listen to an audiobook because each has its pros and cons. The format you choose at any given time will be influenced by factors such as cost, speed, and others. Regardless, any book that you can get a hold of and mindfully read/listen through is another opportunity for you to better grasp the specific topic(s) covered.

Reading should be encouraged from a young age as it is easier to cultivate a good reading habit then. In fact, anyone can and should read books at any age.

We explain why below.

The Correlation Between IQ and Reading Books

A good reading habit can help to keep your brain healthy and active.

Ah, good old books. What a treasure they are. It would be hard to imagine what the world would be like today without books.

And yet, many people dread reading books either because they couldn’t find the time or because of some other excuse. We have good news for you if you are one of them.

You can read whatever kind of books you want – comics, magazines, fiction, biography. Literally anything. This is because your brain processes information when you read. Even something as simple as reading a comic book can boost your IQ.

Reading is an important part of satisfying your curiosity about something. This can be the next chapter of the protagonist’s fate, the next groundbreaking mathematical equation, or the next scientific breakthrough that will shape humanity’s course forever.

You can read for fun, for knowledge, for stress relief, or simply for telling stories to your kids. The reason doesn’t matter as long as you develop a regular reading habit. This habit of reading will make you more open to opinions while also increasing your chance of coming up with novel solutions.

Bonus: Try out Wattpad if you want to read some fiction written by aspiring writers – for free.

Reading Allows You to Learn and Experience Vicariously

Reading just before going to bed is a great alternative to starting at your gadgets’ screens.

You can use books to learn about things vicariously, meaning that you do not have to actually experience something to understand them.

For example, your mind will interpret the worlds, emotions, and characters that are described in a novel. Similarly, reading economics books will allow your mind to imagine how money is created in the modern society, even if you knew nothing at the beginning.

Contrast this with watching a movie where every scene that is played out is not formed by your imagination but someone else’s. This illustrates how and why reading is more of an active brain exercise than a passive one.

Books are a great thing to get lost in and also serves as an excellent resource for finding answers. They are also a store of collective information from the earliest days and into the future.

Here are a few tips to use if you are just starting out:

  1. look up an influential figure that you admire and see if they have written any books or if anyone has written a book about him/her,
  2. ask your friends and family members what they are currently reading and see if anything interests you;
  3. join your local book club (online and/or offline); and
  4. pay a visit to your local library.

This will make is much easier for you to develop a regular reading habit.

Start Reading Something Today

Read books to set your mind free.

There is no substitute to the feel of holding a physical book in your hand and flipping through the pages even with the proliferation of eBooks. There is simply something magical about a physical book that the digital version couldn’t match and perhaps never will.

Smart people read a lot of books, and honestly speaking, who wouldn’t want to be a little bit smarter every day? It sure beats staring at a computer screen or your smartphone any time of the day.