Time With the Family and Why It Is So Important

family time

You’ve probably heard of/seen the family meme from the Fast & Furious movies. Jokes aside, family is something that no amount of money can truly buy. So it came as no surprise that we felt sad when we learned that those who live in poorer parts of the world have to give up their family for money.

Why Is Family Time Important?

There’s nothing like family.

Humans are social creatures by default which means seeking belonging is ingrained in our DNA. We all need to feel a sense of belonging, and there really is nothing better than family. This is true for adults and children alike.

A good way to illustrate this is by looking at the number of people who traveled to see their families once border restrictions were eased. There is just something magical about being close to your loved ones that no virtual meetings or the most expensive gifts can replace.

Here are some other reasons why family time should take top priority.

1. You Will Feel Loved

Placing family first is something that few people have ever regretted, and this is not just because everyone’s time on this planet is finite. After all, wouldn’t you want your family to be by your side when you take your last breath?

2. Someone to Turn To in Times of Difficulties

Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on during times of great adversities. Having someone there for you can thus make things more bearable than they would have been otherwise.

3.You Will Have the Opportunity to Shape Your Children

You can shape your children’s thinking and behavior so that they will be net positive contributors to society. It is important that this bond is established early on since children are most susceptible to influences when they’re still young.

4. You Will Learn/Discover New Things

Examples include your children’s innocence and curiosity that you should treasure because they represent the true self. Similarly, your parents’ wisdom gained from their life experiences could be something that you can learn vicariously so that you do not repeat their mistakes.

Ways to Spend Time With Your Family

Festive events are excellent bonding opportunities.

1. Give Them a Call 

Taking the time out to regularly call or text your family members will show that you care as long as you take care not do so excessively. This will also keep everyone updated on what you’re up to.

2. Surprise Them

Sending them personalized, useful gifts will likely put a smile on their faces. Some gifts can be so impactful that the recipient will cherish them for eternity.

3. Make Plans

Go on that hiking trip or vacation that you’ve talked about but never really took action on.

Don’t want to be outdoors? You can always consider activities like cooking, gardening, and woodworking. Even tidying up the house will make everyone feel more connected.

Try scheduling these at least a few times a year.

4. Have Meals With Your Family

It is always nice to sit down with your family for a meal. This will allow you the opportunity to physically interact with each other while enjoying the food. You can talk about the weather, your next vacation together, or the neighbors’ new pet dog.

5. Be There

There are times when just being physically present is all that’s needed. Ofttimes people just need someone to listen to what they have to say.