Going Back to Nature – Why a Trip Outdoor Should Be in Your Itinerary

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Maybe you can still recall your longing for the big city life when you were living in a small town. Or maybe you grew up in the city and have little longing for the rural way of life.

Whichever group you belong to, there is no denying that nature is an important component of one’s well-being. It seems almost paradoxical that one’s longing for nature increases with the amount of time spent indoors.

Don’t believe us? Just ask those who had to deal with confinement during the COVID-19 pandemic and tally their responses.

We are not inherently against being indoor. We are, however, recommending that you remember to allocate some time for the outdoors as well. It is, after all, one of the simplest ways to escape the trappings of the modern lifestyle, even if only temporarily.

Why Should You Care?

nature outdoor
Beautiful, isn’t it?

Regular sleepy readers should know by now how excessive stress can lead to depression. Depression, simply put, is an invisible weight that is often worse than lifting physical weights since you cannot put the former down as easily.

Increase in stress can also lead to inflammation in your body which, if prolonged, can lead to poor health. Inflammation is how your body reacts to physical pain (e.g. when you hit your toe) and infections (e.g. being exposed to the flu).

One way to create inflammation is to deliberately mess up your sleep schedule for a few days before resuming your normal pattern. You will likely feel worse off during this period and may even succumb to sickness easier.

Stress is thus undesirable when not properly handled.

Disclaimer: do not try this if you are feeling unwell, unprepared, or are expecting.

The Benefits of Spending Time Outdoor

nature outdoor
There is just something innately exhilarating about the outdoor.

Life is full of wonders and discoveries awaiting those who dare to venture forth. The good news is that all of these can be easily found in one place: the outdoors.

A simple and effective de-stress method is to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. You don’t have to go jungle trekking or mountain hiking to feel connected to nature. A mindful walk around your local park, working on your garden (if you have one), or a stroll by the seaside will suffice in reestablishing your link with nature.

Listening to insects’ calls, birds’ chirping, and appreciating the smell of the soil is something that technology simply cannot replicate.

You can also consider trying out activities like plucking fruits from a tree, drawing water from a well, foraging, and reading the weather. These, of course, will require more time investment on your end.

The outdoors has a tendency to bring about clarity and peace, and honestly speaking, we could all use more peace in our lives.

Best of all, you don’t have to do this every day or every week. Scheduling a monthly outdoor event to reconnect yourself with nature is already a good start. It can be a solo activity, or better yet, try bringing someone along for the event.

Believe us when we say that being in nature can be a powerful healing method for the mind and soul.

Bonus: you will also get free vitamin D from being outdoor (remember to wear sunscreen if you expect to be exposed to sunlight for hours).

What Else Can You Do Outdoor?

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Swimming
  • Playing with your kids
  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Power walking
  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Calisthenics
  • Surfing
  • Sky diving
  • Rock climbing
  • Camping
  • Skiing

Let’s do it!