What Are the Benefits of Smiling?

What are the benefits of smiling?

There are many ways that you can smile. It might be a grin, a beam, or a smirk. You might offer something that is genuine or a facial expression that fakes it to make it.

What makes the human experience unique is that we all smile less as we get older.

Did you know that children will smile up to 400 times per day? Compare that to a happy adult who smiles only 50 times per day or the “average” adult who smiles just 20 times.

Maybe the reason why children have all of that extra energy is that they are taking advantage of the benefits of smiling!

Why Is It Important to Smile Every Day?

A smile never hurts, ever.

Go ahead. Put a smile on your face right now. It doesn’t even need to be a real one.

Go on! You can do it!

When you smile, whether the reaction is genuine or forced, the action produces a natural boost to your mood.

The action begins to release the buildup of cortisol, the stress hormone, while encouraging the release of endorphins.

That’s why you can start feeling better immediately just by smiling. You’re encouraging a calmer state of mind.

The physical impact of this action can produce impressive changes. People who smile often experience less pain, lower blood pressure levels, and have better endurance.

If you smile a lot, then the people who see you will also think that you’re more intelligent, courteous, and likable.

How to Get in the Habit of Smiling More

A smile will brighten up your day.

There is no secret to the art of smiling more. It is a choice that you can make.

That’s right. You can smile again right now if you want!

The fact is this: you are in control of this physical action. If you are feeling tired, lonely, or anxious right now, a smile can help you to start to feel better.

If you want to get in the habit of smiling more, then here are some ways that you can begin working to establish this action in your life.

Tip #1. Smile when you wake up in the morning. It may be challenging to do on a Monday before work, but give it a try anyway. You might feel better!

Tip #2. Set reminders on your phone to smile at least once per hour. It can sometimes help to use this action as an excuse to stand up from your desk to stretch too.

Tip #3. Remind yourself throughout the day that you are going to try to smile more. Try to pick specific situations where you can encourage this activity, like going through the checkout at a local store.

Tip #4. Think happy thoughts whenever you can. You will find that it becomes easier to smile more often when you take a positive approach to life.

Tip #5. Smile at everyone you meet during the day – even the strangers! They might think that you’re a little crazy, but you know something that they don’t realize. When you smile at someone, even if it is for your own reasons, it will begin to help them to feel better too.

Create cues that you associated with smiling activities. Try to smile whenever your hand touches a remote control. Offer a grin whenever you check your phone. When specific behaviors become associated with this physical response, you can flood your system with lots of endorphins.

Additional Ideas to Help You Start Smiling Some More

A smiling face always beats a grumpy one.

There are times when it does not feel natural to smile. You don’t want to be that one person who is grinning like a maniac when attending a funeral.

You also don’t want to become the person who is known for being grumpy all of the time because you never smile.

There’s a happy middle to find where you can find ways to start smiling more in “appropriate” situations.

Do something spontaneous today. When you encounter something unexpected and fun in life, then a smile is sure to follow. It doesn’t need to be something expensive or elaborate. Treating yourself to an hour at the library to read a magazine is enough to generate a happy grin.

Watch your favorite movie. Watching things that make you laugh will always create a smile. If you are struggling with frown town, then pop in your favorite movie. You will spend time away from negative influences with this activity that would try to push those stress levels higher.

Find some positive people. Notice that this doesn’t say, “Find some positive friends.” When you are around people who are smiling, then the emotion is contagious.

Reflect on your happiest memories. Think about a time that you believe is one of your happiest moments in life. Relive that moment to the best of your ability. Shut your eyes if necessary. Recall the sights, sounds, and smells that were around you at that moment. Another option is to look through a family picture album, a vacation scrapbook, or even your Facebook photos to enjoy those moments again.

Approach life with gratefulness. It is easy to look at life and think about the things that we don’t have. When you approach your circumstances in gratefulness, you will discover that smiles come fast and furious. There are perfect moments all around you right now. It could be a child’s laugh, a warm home, a funny co-worker, or a loving spouse. Treasure these things in your heart and never let them go.

Explore your community. Adding a little nature to your day is excellent therapy for the times when you need to smile. Spending time in a park, exploring a forest, or wandering a beach can work wonders for your mood. You can even make a day of it by stopping for your favorite cup of coffee before you see what is happening outside.

Do something nice for someone else. It feels good to reward yourself. A smile is sure to follow when you do. When you take the time to help someone else, then the smiles get even bigger. Little moments of kindness can change the world in profound ways. When you look for ways to “pay it forward,” it becomes a lot easier to put a smile on your face!

What Is Keeping You from a Healthy Smile?

Smile. Smile again. Smile some more.

All of these ideas can help you to start feeling better because you are smiling more.

There are also lifestyle choices that can prevent you from wanting to offer a grin as well.

If you find yourself on social media frequently, then try to cut down the time you spend by 50%. Many people compare themselves to others on these platforms, which can have a detrimental impact on your overall happiness.

Make sure that you are eating healthy meals regularly as well. When you provide a nutritional foundation for your body, then the improved energy levels can make it easier to smile.

Some people may discover that keeping a journal about their smiling activities can inspire more grins too. Try to write down a short description of your favorite smiles during the day. Talk about where you were and what was going on at the time. You might find some patterns that encourage more happiness in your life?

Then make an effort to smile, even if you’re not feeling it at first. This activity is a habit that you can develop. Even if you don’t feel happy right now, faking it until you make it can still help you begin to feel better.

There’s a smile waiting for you right now. Are you willing to grab this opportunity?