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Christmas Joy

7 Tips for Celebrating the Christmas Holidays (2020 Edition)

This time of the year would normally see people making travel plans to celebrate Christmas. This year, however, is turning out different as Covid-19 cases have spiked with the start of winter in many...

7 Ways to Enhance Your Focus During Exercise

We know that keeping oneself healthy isn't only a nice-to-have but a must-have, especially during times of stress. While it used to be easy (or at least easier) to go to a gym to...

Quick Tips on How to Choose the Best Sunscreen

The sun is essential to life on Earth. No organism can survive without heat, nor can most organisms survive with too much or too little heat. We here on Earth are lucky to have...
sleep schedule wake up early

5 Benefits of Waking Up Early & How to Create Your Sleep Schedule

You have probably heard of the saying 'the early bird gets the worm'. This still rings true even though the majority of us work desk jobs nowadays. We have covered the importance of sleep...
detox diet

The Detox Diet: Does It Really Work?

Going on a diet is nothing new in this day and age, given the number of people struggling with weight issues. Most people go on a diet because:they want to look good;of health reasons;...
high sugar sweet tooth

7 Ways to Manage Your Sweet Tooth

There is a saying these days that sugar is the new fat, but is there any truth to this statement? The answer is yes, and no. Yes because added sugar - which is found...
depression depressed woman

How to Tell If You Are Depressed. Here Are Eight Signs.

Depression is an illness that is becoming increasingly common globally but few are willing to admit that he/she is suffering from it due to society viewing it as a taboo subject. It is a...

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